At TAFE SA, we want to improve the student experience by empowering students to work in partnership with us.

The TAFE SA Student Voice is a diverse representative body of TAFE SA students who will provide input about things that are important to our students, including:

  • Services offered across TAFE SA

  • Facilities and amenities available on TAFE SA Campuses

  • Recreational and/or social activities for students

  • Academic issues, such as digital platforms and course delivery

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Want to know more about the Student Voice and other activities you can get involved with?


Meet Akash, a Student Voice representative and International Ambassador at TAFE SA in 2022, as he talks about ways to get involved in TAFE SA life.

Are you ready to get involved in the Student Voice or TAFE SA campus events? 

Nominations are sought from interested students to participate in the Student Voice and/or campus events.  We welcome nominations from a diverse range of students, from a variety of courses, locations, backgrounds and interest groups.  

Student Voice Representatives will be expected to participate in monthly meetings and discussions with peers and senior staff members, as well as to engage in regular online discussion forums with the Student Voice group. Opportunities may also exist to connect with student representatives from other TAFE’s across Australia, and to become involved in the Student Voice Australia network.

For students interested in getting involved in campus events, participation invites will be sent out to nominees on an ad-hoc basis, dependent upon the time of year and event schedule on your local campus.

Complete our online expression of interest to get involved.

Expression Of Interest

Meet your current Student Voice Representatives 

Want to get to know the students who are representing you on the Student Voice? 

Introduction to your Student Voice representatives

Keep up to date with what is being discussed

Regular updates will be available about Student Voice discussions and outcomes.

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