The Student Voice meets monthly to discuss a range of topics aimed at enhancing the Student Experience.

Meeting topics will include:

  • Services offered across TAFE SA
  • Facilities and amenities available on TAFE SA Campuses
  • Recreational and/or social activities for students
  • Academic issues, such as digital platforms and course delivery

Recent Meeting Topics for the Student Voice Group:

2022 Academic Year

December: TAFE SA Roadmap for the future, discussion with Associate Professor Jeannie Rae (with invitation to the International Student Ambassadors as additional guests)

November: Orientation Video; TAFE SA Roadmap for the future introduction

October: TAFE SA Learn - feedback about user experience and suggestions for improvements

September: Welcome & Terms of Reference for new members; TAFE SA Jobs Board; TAFE SA Portal

August: New Student Timetable Software

July: Student Experience Director introduction and discussion about Student involvement and activities

June: ICT Services at TAFE SA, update on filming of Student Videos, Campus Alive Event feedback

May: Campus Facilities 

April: On Campus Events & Support, Filming for Student Videos

March: Introduction and Welcome for 2022 Student Voice, feedback about getting started at TAFE SA


2021 Academic Year

October: Student Website development, self-service/support short videos

September: Introductions, Housekeeping, Semester 2 plans and ideas

August: Funded activities for TAFE SA students

July: Student Administration (enrolment, withdrawals, finances, payments)

June: Service Delivery, Support Services & Orientation

May: Campus Facilities and Hubs 

April: ICT and Online Learning

March: Introductions, housekeeping, ideas for meeting topics and activities 








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