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As a TAFE SA student, what is expected of me?


free online tutoring

Smarthinking: Online Tutoring and Study Support

TAFE SA's online tutoring partnership with Smarthinking is available free of charge for all enrolled students. Smarthinking provides external online tutoring and study help, by connecting you to expert tutors who can help you with your study-related needs.

Access to Smarthinking is available by logging into your personal Learn dashboard, and navigating to the Learn homepage.  More information about the range of services and support available from Smarthinking, and how to connect is available.  

Bridging Units & Foundation Skills Support

Bridging units are classes to help you develop extra skills in reading, writing or numeracy, which can assist you to be successful with your qualification.

When you commence with TAFE SA you will participate in the Core Skills Profile for Adults (CSPA) which will help your lecturers identify if bridging units or a Foundation Skills course may assist you.

If you are not enrolled in bridging units, but feel that it would be useful for you to get some extra help, speak to your lecturer who can organise a bridging unit referral for you.


Computer Skills Support

As a student at TAFE SA, you will need to use computers throughout your studies.  You have access to a range of tools and services that can help you in your coursework, and lots of support is available to help you use this technology.

Basic requirements
You will need access to a computer during your studies.  You can access the TAFE SA online environment by either:

  • using your personal computer or device
  • using computer facilities at your closest TAFE SA Campus
  • accessing community resources such as your public library or community centre.

A basic level of computer skills is helpful, but don't worry if you need support.  You can find out more about getting help on our Computer Support page. 

Library Resources

TAFE SA Libraries are welcoming spaces designed to enhance your learning experience and provide access to digital and print resources.   Professional staff can assist you with research and study support, whether you are on site at TAFE SA or online.

TAFE SA libraries can offer support with 



Study Skills & Habits

My Information Skills

Study support and research skills

The Library provides a range of short, self-paced tutorials for TAFE SA Students.  Topics include

  • manage time effectively while studying
  • present essays, reports and presentations
  • analyse and interpret assignment topics
  • effectively search the library and internet
  • evaluate the quality and credibility of resources
  • reference appropriately using the Harvard referencing style

You can access My Information Skills through the Library Website.

Student Counselling and Disability Support

Student counselling is available by appointment to students undertaking training at TAFE SA.  Support can be provided to assist with a range of personal issues impacting on training at TAFE SA. 

The Student Counselling webpage provides information about the range of services and support available, and you can book an initial telephone or online (MS Teams) appointment using our web-based booking system.

Student Services provides support to assist students living with disability, mental health or medical conditions to achieve their learning goals. Our staff are available to confidentially discuss support at any stage during your studies. The Disability Support webpage has more information and resources, and links to connect to our Student Counselling team for more support. 


Language Support - English as a Second Language

TAFE SA offers courses to help non-English-speaking students communicate socially and in their studies. Our courses give students the skills needed for employment or admission to further study.

The nationally accredited and approved courses are run through the Foundation Skills program, and offer courses at beginner, intermediate and advanced level. They focus on students’ individual language needs, and cover speaking, listening, reading and writing.


Studying online with TAFE SA

As many adjust to a new world of online learning, there are a few things you can do to set yourself up for study success.

Feeling good, sleeping better

Sleep is essential for general wellbeing. Along with good nutrition and exercise, sleep is recognised as one of the pillars of good health.
Aboriginal Access Centre

Your toolbox for success and wellbeing while you study

Study can be exciting and brings mixed emotions and thoughts. Balancing assignments, practical learning and placements can be a challenge.
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