Your Student ID Card is central to accessing services and facilities while you are a student at TAFE SA.  You will use the same Student ID Card throughout your time at TAFE SA.  Make sure you carry your Student ID Card whenever you are on campus.  

You can use your Student ID Card across all TAFE SA Campuses for the following:

  • Official proof of identity as a TAFE Student and current enrolment
  • Library borrowing, printing and photocopying services
  • Access to Student Hub computer areas
  • Access to the Student Laptop Lockers (at campuses where they are provided)
  • Access to discounts (eg for textbooks or student concession at the cinema)
  • Access to transport concession (required to be carried on you whilst using public transport if accessing a Student Concession ticket. See Adelaide Metro for full details.)
  • Access to TAFE SA buildings

All of the above features and access will be active when you receive your card.

Your Student ID Card is your identification as a TAFE SA Student and will show your:

  • Name
  • Photograph
  • Student ID Number
  • A barcode for use at TAFE SA libraries
  • Fulltime/parttime status
  • Expiry date

Student ID


    The first time you get a Student ID Card, you will be required to login to CaptureMe to upload your ID card photo, and provide proof of identity evidence.

    You will be able to order your card on the day you complete your registration. You can either elect to collect your card from a campus listed or have it posted to you. If you have difficulty using the CaptureME system, please visit the Student Hub at your local TAFE SA Campus for assistance.

    Once your photo is verified and approved you will receive an email notifying you that your card will be printed and ready for collection or posted.

    If you elect to have your card posted, it will be sent to the preferred mailing address recorded in the system. Please ensure your details are up to date before ordering your card.

    Upload Your ID Card Photo 


      • STEP 1. Upload your own photo and approved ID via CaptureMe

        Log in to the CaptureME website.

        • Verify your identity by uploading a copy of your approved ID (see full details below for acceptable proof of Identify documents)
        • Upload a photo of yourself, using your phone/webcam or an existing saved photograph (see full details below for guidelines for acceptable photos).
        • Confirm your personal details, including your name, email address, and TAFE SA Student ID number.
        • Select whether you would like to have your card posted, or picked up in person from a selected TAFE SA campus.
        • Submit your Student ID Card request for approval.


        STEP 2. You will receive an email from CaptureMe

        Your email will confirm the status of your Student ID card request.
        Status updates could be:

        • Approved
        • Card printed
        • Photo not accepted (you will need to submit a new photo)

        Photos may be rejected if they are:

        • Too old, or not a recent likeness of you
        • Filtered or edited
        • Incorrect or inappropriate (eg. taken as a joke, with inappropriate gestures, facial expressions, or content)


        STEP 3. Your card is printed and available for posting/collecting

        Depending on your preferred collection method, you will receive notification that your card is available for collection at your nominated campus, or that it is ready for posting to your Australian address (make sure that your details are correct in MyTAFE SA)

      • Your Proof of Identity evidence must be current/valid. It must have a photograph, and be from one of the following options:

        • Australian/Overseas passport
        • Australian drivers licence or learners permit
        • Government proof of age card
        • Secondary School Student Card
        • South Australian or Federal Police Officer photo identity card
        • Immigration card
        • Correctional Services photo ID card
        • Other valid proof of identity document with photo


        Sometimes your ID may be rejected. Common reasons for rejected ID are:

        • Your ID has expired. We are unable to accept out of date identification
        • Incorrect ID type. Your ID may not meet the guidelines above
        • Low Resolution. If the ID/photograph is blurry or has low resolution, we will be unable to read/view the image. Resubmit your ID in a higher resolution/clearer image
        • Your ID does not match. If we are unable to verify that the two images/ID’s are the same person, you may be required to upload an alternative ID or personal photo


        • When your Student ID Card has been approved, your proof of identity evidence is automatically and safely deleted from the CaptureME System and cannot be recovered, to ensure the safety and security of your personal information.

      • A recent passport style photograph is required. Your photo must have a plain light coloured background. The difference is you can smile for your Student ID Card photo, and you can take it yourself.

        • We need to clearly see your face, so the photo only needs to include your head and shoulders
        • You should directly face the camera when taking the photo (you dont need to take glamour shots, or show us your best side. Just an everyday photo of you)
        • Do not apply filters or adjust the image colours


        ID Card Selfie    

        Photos may be rejected if they are:

        • Too old, or not a recent likeness of you
        • Filtered or edited
        • Incorrect or inappropriate (eg. taken as a joke, with inappropriate gestures, facial expressions, or content)


        The image you upload to CaptureMe will be securely stored by TAFE SA and used only for educational purposes, and in accordance with TAFE SA’s privacy guidelines.

      • When
        9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday

        TAFE SA Campuses that have ID facilities:

        • Adelaide
        • Elizabeth
        • Gilles Plains
        • Mount Gambier
        • Noarlunga
        • Port Pirie
        • Regency
        • Salisbury
        • Tonsley

        Otherwise you can elect to have your Student ID Card posted to your home address.

        1. Your card must not be used by anyone other than the person identified on the card

        2. The card becomes invalid at the end of the expiry date on the card
        3. You should carry your card at all times when on a TAFE SA Campus, and present it to staff when requested

  • If you are a continuing student, you will use the same student ID card you received when you first started at TAFE SA. To update your ID card with a new expiry sticker you need to:

    1. Complete your registration for the current semester

    2. Visit a TAFE SA Campus closest to you


    The staff at TAFE SA will check your registration and provide you with a sticker to extend your Student ID card until the end of that semester.

  • Student ID Card Replacement
    To replace a lost, stolen or damaged Student ID Card, you will need to visit the Student Hub at your nearest TAFE SA Campus . A $5 fee is charged for replacement Student ID Cards.

    White Card Replacement
    To replace a White Card, a $30 replacement fee is charged, and an online application is required.
    White Card Reissue Form

    • TAFE SA students can add credit to their student ID card through MyPrint.

      Students can pay for credit using one of the following:

      • Credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard)
      • Prepaid or recharge credit cards are available at Post Offices, major supermarkets and department stores

      An Add Printing Credit icon is available on all student computer desktops (on campus only) for direct access to MyPrint.

      Instructions are available to assist students in using MyPrint and Library or Hub staff will be available to assist if you have any problems.

    • Students can borrow a laptop for up to eight hours across several TAFE SA campuses.


      • Adelaide City Campus: Outside of the library
      • Barossa (Nuriootpa): Student Hub
      • Berri: Student Hub
      • Gilles Plains: Outside of the library
      • Mount Gambier: Student Hub
      • Murray Bridge: Student Hub
      • Port Lincoln: Student Hub
      • Port Pirie: Corridor outside of Student Hub
      • Regency: Library entrance area in B Block
      • Tonsley: Building 5, Ground floor
      • Urrbrae: Corridor outside of Student Hub
      • Whyalla: Main entrance foyer near Student Hub

      Lapsafe lockers 

      How to borrow a laptop

      Follow the instructions on the touch screen:

      Step 1: Swipe your TAFE SA ID card and enter your PIN when prompted:

      • Student PIN - The first four digits of your birthdate <ddmm>
      • Please see Library or Student Hub staff to reset your PIN.

      Step 2: Review and accept the Terms & Conditions

      Step 3: Find the flashing door, scan your ID card on the unit, and unplug the laptop

      Laptops should remain on campus and be returned within 8 hours or before the campus closes.

      Step-by-step instructions are also available on the unit.

      Returning a laptop

      • Return the laptop before the campus closes.
      • Laptop loans cannot be renewed. If available, you can take out a different laptop for a further 8 hours.
      • Laptops must be returned to the campus they were borrowed from.
      • Remember to plug the laptop into the cable in the locker so that it can recharge.


      All laptops use Windows 10 and have Microsoft Office 365 applications and Adobe Digital Editions installed.

      Adelaide, Regency, Tonsley and Mount Gambier laptops feature additional software:

      • Autodesk AutoCAD
      • Autodesk AutoCAD Civil
      • Autodesk Revit
      • Autodesk Navisworks Manage
      • Autodesk Advance Steel
      • Autodesk Inventor Professional

      At Adelaide and Regency the laptops also feature MYOB.

      Using a borrowed laptop

      Logon to the laptop with your TAFE SA email address and password (for example 


      • You must bring your own headphones and mouse, these are not provided with the laptops.
      • You may be allocated a different laptop each time you borrow. For this reason, remember to save any work files to OneDrive. Avoid saving files directly on the computer's desktop or local folders as they can’t be recovered.
      • Report any issues with laptops or the lockers to the Library or Student Hub staff.


      For more information, please watch this video:


    • Full-Time Students

      Full-time students are eligible to travel at discount fares, using a Student Concession Ticket, on all Adelaide Metro bus, train and tram services – which is called a Tertiary Student Metrocard.

      A student can only travel on a Student Concession Ticket when carrying an approved ID card. A fine may be imposed if a student fails to show their student ID card, even if they are a legitimate student. Improper use of a card can also lead to prosecution.

      Part-Time Students

      Part-time students are not eligible for a Student Concession Ticket. However, students on a low income or who receive government allowances may be eligible for alternative concession rates. The Department of Human Services can issue a Transport Concession Card to eligible students.

      See the Adelaide Metro website for full details.

  • In order to ensure that TAFE SA can provide you with the best possible service, it is important to make sure that your personal details are kept up to date.


    Updating your personal information:

    You can update your contact details (phone number, address) at any time using MyTAFE SA.

    If you required a change to your name which is registered with TAFE SA, please visit a Student Hub office and provide original copies of your change of name / identity documents to staff.

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