You can obtain your Student ID card by visiting iCentral at your campus. (External students should visit their closest campus.) Staff will verify your enrolment details and take your photograph for use on the card.

Some campuses have the facility to print ID cards and can issue them on the spot. Cards processed at other campuses will be posted.

Student ID cards are needed for many purposes, including:
  • library services
  • computer drop-in centres
  • dispensing a Self-Service Laptop Loan at Adelaide, Regency and Tonsley for up to eight hours
  • photocopying or printing
  • computer login
  • travel concessions (see below)
  • general student identification
  • some student discounts, such as textbooks or cinema passes.

Check with your campus on the availability of these services.

Your ID card will remain with you for the duration of your study at TAFE SA. It is only replaced if the condition of card deteriorates or if the card is lost. If you lose your ID card a new one can be issued.

Travel concession

Full-time students are eligible to travel at concession fares on all Adelaide Metro bus, train and tram services. TAFE SA students should purchase tertiary concession Multitrip and Singletrip tickets.

However, a student can only travel on a concession ticket when carrying an approved ID card. A fine may be imposed if a student fails to show their student ID card, even if they are a legitimate student. Improper use of a card can also lead to prosecution.

Transport concession card for low income earners

Part-time students are ineligible for tertiary concession. However, students on a low income or who receive government allowances may be eligible for concession rates. The Department of Human Services can issue a Transport Concession Card to eligible students.

Student print and copy credit

A Student Print Copy Payment Gateway allows TAFE SA students to add credit to their student ID card.

Students can pay for credit through the gateway using one of the following:

  • Credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard) 
  • Prepaid or recharge credit cards are available at Post Offices, major supermarkets and department stores 

An 'Add Printing Credit' icon will appear on all student computer desktops (on campus only) for direct access to the gateway.  Instructions have been provided to assist students in using the gateway and library staff will be available to assist if you have any problems.

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