Support for School Students at TAFE SA

TAFE SA provides a wide range of support to assist students to achieve their training goals.  Visit getting help for the full range of services.

Competency based training

Vocational training prepares students for the world of work after school.  To successfully complete units of training, or an entire certificate, students must achieve the appropriate level of competency which has been described in the training package.  These competencies are identified in consultation with industry (employer groups) and are applicable Australia-wide across all training providers.  This is because graduates must be work ready.


Disability Support

TAFE SA welcomes students with lived experience of disability.  As South Australia’s largest training provider, our educators and support staff have a breadth of experience enabling student success.

All TAFE SA students with a disability, including schools students, can receive assistance through student success and wellbeing, and can create an access plan.  Support can include ‘reasonable adjustments’ to training and assessment, and provision of specialist services such as Auslan interpreting where required.  To create an access plan, students will need to provide supporting documentation. Details regarding this support process and appointment bookings are available on the disability services webpage.

Referral to access support can be made during or after application.  It is recommended that support needs are identified and planned before enrolment.


Support differences between school and TAFE SA?

Students need to be equipped to independently engage in training to develop the skills required by industry. Students with a disability can expect to participate in training on the same basis as other students.  Reasonable adjustments and support can be provided to assist a student to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills required by the training package.

Examples of how support may be different: School vs TAFE SA:

Support need

School support

TAFE SA support

Support Plan

One Plan / Negotiated Education Plan / Individual Learning Plan

Teachers manage, communicate and direct support

TAFE SA Access Plan.

Support is directed and negotiated by the student to identify and plan support through communication with Student Success and Wellbeing and TAFE SA lecturers.

Role of parents and caregivers

Parents/caregivers direct and negotiate support on behalf of their child

Students may elect to involve parents/caregivers in the support process by completing the TAFE SA student consent to release personal information form TAFESIS029

Attention and concentration

Support Worker helps guide the student through individual support in class, modified curriculum

Provision of study skill resources, extra time for assessments

Reading difficulties (Dyslexia)

Support Worker provides extra support out of class to develop reading skills, modified curriculum

Assistive technology (screen reader to listen to electronic readings), reading materials provided in electronic format, extra time for assessments,

Communication difficulties (non-verbal), mobility support needs

Support Worker provided in class to facilitate communication and mobility, modified curriculum

Assistive technology (text to speech). Assistance planning mobility needs, information about accessible facilities and on campus travel. Extra time to complete assessment tasks.


Career and Pathway Planning

School students who are planning for vocational training should discuss their support needs and pathway choices with the VET coordinator in their school.  School students who are undertaking training at TAFE SA can discuss their future career and training options with TAFE SA career advisers and their TAFE SA lecturers.  Career and Pathway counselling appointments and resources are available on the TAFE SA website.


Student Counselling

Student counselling is available by appointment to school students undertaking training at TAFE SA.  Support can be provided to assist with a range of personal issues impacting on training at TAFE SA.  The student’s school maintains overarching responsibility for the student’s educational program and care.  TAFE SA student counsellors may liaise with the student’s school and engage with parents and caregivers as required.  Student counselling appointments can be booked online.


Learning Support

Visit the TAFE SA student website for a range of information and resources to support learning.  Students who require additional literacy and/or numeracy support can also be referred to their school to work on the skills needed within the training environment.


Other resources

School students experiencing personal difficulties impacting on their training or on campus can access student counselling services:

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