Access Plans

An Access Plan can assist you to disclose your disability-related support needs to lecturers so that reasonable adjustments can be negotiated. It also details any agreed services which will be provided by Student Success and Wellbeing.

Having an Access Plan is a choice.

An Access Plan is written by a Student Success and Wellbeing counsellor in collaboration with you, the student. It is your choice as to who you provide with a copy. Student Success and Wellbeing will send a copy to the Educational contact person responsible for delivery of the course in which you are enrolled.

In order to have an TAFE SA Access Plan you will need to provide documentation from a treating practitioner.  This can be a medical practitioner, psychologist or other accredited health or educational specialist.

A specialist report/diagnostic assessment from an appropriate specialist, (psychologist/speech pathologist/audiologist/psychiatrist) is required for the following:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Specific Learning Disability
  • Hearing Impairments
  • Vision Impairments

If you have  ASD and any specific learning disability, reports are expected to have been written since you reached 12 years of age.  

If you have a Hearing or Visual Impairment, a report no older than two years is acceptable. Older reports are acceptable if your condition is permanent and unchanging.

For other conditions or disabilities, documentation can be provided using the Access Plan Medical Practitioner Report.

The documentation will be used to verify your disability and provide Student Success and Wellbeing with relevant and useful information to assess appropriate study adjustments or accommodations.

Access Plans can be used to Negotiate:

  • Assistive Technology, such as low vision equipment
  • Support Animals on campus
  • Participation Assistance or Carers on campus
  • Reasonable adjustments in class, including extra time or flexibility


Access Plan Information Kit:

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