Volunteering and Networking

Volunteering can give you the practical experience that employers look for. 

Many experts say that graduates with volunteering experience have an added advantage over other job seekers - it’s a great way of getting experience and insight into an industry, while offering essential help needed in the community. 

Becoming involved as a volunteer can make a big difference in your job search. You’re boosting your skills, engaging in meaningful work, building your resume, and hopefully creating contacts that can support you in your job search, and be a referee for you … so it is also a great networking opportunity. 

Having a supportive network of people who can support you is important, and can help you to find work.  When you consider that 1 in every 5 jobs is not advertised (they are filled through networks and ‘word of mouth’), increasing your own personal network is really important.


Kick-Start Your Career - Online Webinar Series

Our “Kick-Start your Career” Series has more information available about all aspects of career planning and job preparation.

You can watch our recorded presentation “Gaining Valuable Experience” for more specific tips and detailed information about how you can learn and practice employment skills by getting involved with other opportunities while you study.

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Get help with your career planning or job preparation

Current and recently graduated students can book an appointment using the links below, or by calling TAFE SA Customer Support on 1800 882 661. Support is available for recently graduated students for 12 months after completing your training with TAFE SA. 

Note: All resume support appointments are encouraged to be booked as online virtual appointments using Microsoft Teams.  This will allow us to share our screens and look at your resume together in real-time. 

Inspire Your Cookery Career

Be inspired and learn some tips for the cooking industry from celebrity chef, Simon Bryant, and TAFE SA cookery lecturer, Peter Burrows.
Regional workers making coffee and picking fruit

Work available in South Australia's regions

Looking for work? South Australia's agriculture, tourism and hospitality sectors has work available all year round in SA's regions.

Kick-Start Your Career

Whether you are looking for a casual gig while you are studying, or preparing to move into your dream job once you finish your qualification, our “Kick-Start Your Career” series can help.

Careers: Preparing for an online job interview

Online interviewing was already evolving to be more convenient and cost-effective for employers. With COVID-19 arriving, it quickly accelerated.

Your career in this time of uncertainty

The impact of COVID- 19 has changed the way we do everything, seemingly overnight. Now more than ever, keeping your skills up-to-date is important, this includes looking at your transferable skills and training opportunities.

What is so important about ‘Employability Skills’?

Employability skills are general workplace skills, personal qualities and attributes that enable you to thrive in any workplace, and are highly valued by employers.


Living in a community where you know and connect with neighbours fosters positive community spirit, keeping you and your neighbours feeling happy and connected.

Goal Setting – What are your goals?

A goal is something that gives you direction and focus for the future and provides a clear reference point for decisions you make.


Interviewing for industry information
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