Critical Incidents

Critical incidents are traumatic events occurring on or off campus (within or outside Australia) which significantly impact (or threaten to significantly impact) student wellbeing by causing extreme stress, fear or injury.

In an emergency situation first call 000 for Emergency Services.

To report a Critical Incident impacting TAFE SA student/s please contact:

  • Campus Security
  • A staff member on campus
  • Call TAFE SA on 1800 882 661 to notify Student Services
  • For international students on a student visa only please call International Student Support Consultant on 0434 078 881 (after hours)

Emergency Procedures

An emergency is an unexpected or unplanned incident that requires urgent intervention to prevent worsening of the situation.  

In the case of an emergency, an evacuation procedure will be initiated by campus staff.  The purpose of the emergency evacuation procedure is to provide a fast, safe and orderly response to remove people from the premises and away from potential danger.  Evacuations may be triggered by fire, power failure, biological hazards, chemical spills, bomb or substance threats, structure collapse, gas or water leaks, and/or external hazards affecting a TAFE SA building.

If you have a disability, ill health or medical condition and require assistance in an emergency, speak with your lecturer and they can work with you to develop a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP).

In the event of an emergency evacuation procedure, look for the nearest emergency exit and assembly area, and follow directions from staff and emergency responders.  

This video has information about what to do if there is an emergency evacuation.  Each campus has a method of sounding an evacuation alarm - these could be alarm bells, smoke detectors, sirens, or Emergency Warning & Intercommunication System (EWIS).

When you first start studying on campus, make sure you are familiar with the safety information as well as any local evacuation procedures and locations. 


PLEASE NOTE: This video is available as an AUSLAN version for TAFE SA staff and students. Please speak with your lecturer if you require access to the alternative format.  
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