Tradie Culture - looking after you and your mates

Tradie culture has been described as a "She'll be right" culture, because it's the response tradies give when a mate lets them know something isn't okay (Jeremy Forbes, co-founder of HALT).

It is becoming more widely recognised that Tradie Culture needs to change, breaking down the barriers to wellbeing for you and your mates.  Mensline describes some important reasons to talk about wellbeing and mental health:

  • Mental Health is one health condition that doesn't get talked about enough, even though one if five people experience it each year.
  • Tradies/Construction Workers are 6 times more likely to die by suicide than through other workplace accident.
  • 190 construction workers die by suicide each year in Australia. 


Tradies Mental Health

Sometimes things can feel like they are out of your control.  You may can’t always change what happens, but you can work on ways to change how you react and feel about things.  Some tips to help you support your own wellbeing and your work mates:

  • Create connections and relationships
  • Support by listening (you don’t need the answers)
  • Willingness to reach out
  • Have a support tool kit for yourself and your mates


Your Tool Kit to starting a conversation

Mates in Construction have some great information and support for looking after your own mental health, and recognising when others are struggling. 

Mates In Construction

This Is A Conversation Starter (TIACS) 

Feeling overwhelmed in your training – Have the conversation

Your trade-school lecturers were once Apprentices/trainees and know the challenges. They know your industries expectations and can be your first point of assistance. They can hear your concerns and will refer you to right person for help.

First and foremost: If you are feeling overwhelmed or struggling at any time in your apprentice/trainee journey seek help.

Free early-intervention, short-term mental health services are available to all TAFE SA apprentices/trainees who maybe struggling.  Easy to connect, confidential conversations are available with our TAFE SA Counsellors via phone, online (video calls), or on campus.

TAFE SA counsellors can assist you and walk alongside you throughout your training journey.  You can book an appointment through your local Student Hub or on the Student Counselling webpage.

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