Financial support for Apprentices and Trainees

Apprentices and trainees may have lower pay rates than other workers, which can vary between occupation and industry. These rates may depend on your age, education level and previous employment. Apprentices and trainees get employment entitlements such as sick leave, overtime rates, and superannuation as outlined in their award.

Awards can also state who is responsible to pay for an apprentice or trainee's training fees, and whether there are any travel, accommodation, or uniform allowance entitlements.

You can find out more about wages and entitlements yourself by using the Pay and Conditions Tool (PACT)

Apprentice entitlements - Fair Work Ombudsman
Trainee entitlements - Fair Work Ombudsman

For assistance or further information you can also call the Fair Work Ombudsman on 13 13 94. Visit the Before You Call page to get the information that the Fair Work Infoline will need. Save time and be prepared!

Looking for financial assistance?

As an Australian Apprentice, you may be eligible for a range of financial incentives and payments designed to support you through your apprenticeship.  Check out the information below to see what may be available to you. 
Support for Australian Apprentices : Australian Apprenticeship


Living away from Home Allowance

Australian Apprentices undertaking a Certificate II or higher level qualification may be eligible for the Living Away From Home Allowance if they have to move away from their parental/guardian home for the first time to commence or remain in an Australian Apprenticeship, or are homeless. 
Services Australia - Living away from home allowance


Trade Support Loans

Australian Apprentices may be eligible to receive financial support through Trade Support Loans. Further information and assessment of eligibility is undertaken by an Apprenticeship Network provider. 
More information about payments for Australian Apprentices & Trainees


Centrelink Top Up Payments- Youth Allowance, Austudy, ABSTUDY

Centrelink offer a range of allowances for apprentices and trainees - the payment you may be eligible for depends on your individual circumstances:
- Youth Allowance for Australian Apprentices aged 16-24
- Austudy for Australian Apprentices aged 25 and over
- ABSTUDY for Australian Apprentices of any age and who are Indigenous Australians

Further information about these payments is available from the Department of Human Services.
Services Australia - Apprenticeship & Traineeship Payments
More information about payments for Australian Apprentices & Trainees


Training Support Payment

A six-monthly payment for up to two years for apprentices and trainees who are eligible to assist with cost-of-living pressures.
More information about payments for Australian Apprentices & Trainees


Assistance for Australian Apprentices living with disability

Need extra assistance with your off-the-job training?  The Australian Government provides additional support through assistance for tutorial, interpreter and mentor services for apprentices. For more information on how you can access assistance:
Contact your Apprenticeship Network Provider
TAFE SA: Apprentices / Trainees with a Disability
JobAccess: Employment Assistance Fund (EAF)
Fair Work Ombudsman: Employees with disability


Adult apprentices 

An adult apprentice is anyone over the age of 21 when they commence their Australian Apprenticeship. Being an adult apprentice relates to things like wages and incentives, not to a specific type of apprenticeship program.
Fair Work Ombudsman: Apprentices & Trainees

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