Diversity in the Trades

The trades industry recognises the power of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and the benefits diversity brings to the work site such as new ways of thinking, different perspectives and meeting business and community needs.

Trade Women

Discover the range of support and services to empower women working in non-traditional and trade related industries. 

Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) - Women in Construction - Get inspired about women who are working in construction and find out about networking opportunities. 

National Association of Women In Construction (NAWIC) - Empowering and championing women in the construction and related industries. 

NAWIC (SA) - Local support and networking opportunities for Women In Construction across South Australia. 

Supporting And Linking Tradeswomen (SALT) - providing support and mentoring to tradeswomen in Australia, including apprentices and women seeking to work in the trades. 

The Lady Tradies Australia - promote, support, connect and encourage women & girls in non-traditional roles and trades. 

Tradeswomen Australia - working to increase the representation of women in skilled trade roles.  Providing career information and support for women across Australia. 

Women In Male Dominated Occupations and Industries (WIMDOI) - WIMDOI is a group within the Communications, Electrical Plumbing Union SA (CEPU SA) who encourage women to be active Unionists and support equal participation in male dominated jobs, supporting wages and conditions for all workers. 

Apprentices Living With Disability

If you are an apprentice or trainee living with Disability, there is a range of assistance available to support you. 

Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (ASSN) - ASSN's are your first point of contact for all queries about apprenticeships, and can provide further information for employees and employers who are living with disability 

Disabled Australian Apprentice Wage Support Program (DAAWS) - DAAWS is a scheme which supports apprentices/trainees to help them reach their potential as skilled workers, by providing support for off-the-job components of your apprenticeship/traineeship, including mentoring, tutoring and interpreting.  It also includes a payment that assists employers of eligible Australian Apprentices with disabilities. 

Fair Work Ombudsman - Providing help, information and guidance for employees with disability, for their employers and for employers looking to hire a prospective employee who may have disability. 

JobAccess Employee Assistance Fund (EAF) - Financial help to eligible people with disability and mental health conditions to buy work related modifications, equipment, Auslan services and workplace assistance and support services. 

Indigenous Apprentices

Recognising your unique connections with the lands and building respectful and meaningful relationships between organisations and communities. 

Aboriginal Access Centre (AAC) - TAFE SA's Aboriginal Access Centre provide support at your trade-school, and has dedicated AAC staff located at many TAFE SA campuses across South Australia. 

Indigenous Apprenticeships Program - an Australian Government program supporting Indigenous peoples and employers to commence a career through an apprenticeship. 

Indigenous Employment Programmes and Support - MEGT demonstrate commitment to developing sustainable and ongoing employment, apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.  

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