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JobAccess is the national hub for workplace and employment information for people with disability, employers and service providers. JobAccess provides information on workplace modifications, government supports, looking for and changing jobs, understanding your workplace and flexible working arrangements, disclosing your disability and talking to colleagues, links to training and development courses, and how to search for current vacancies.

Australian Network on Disability (AND) 
The Australian Network on Disability is a national, membership based, organisation that makes it easier for organisations to welcome people with disability in all aspects of business. It is not an employment agency and does not find jobs but supports businesses to employ people with disability. They provide training, networking, developing appropriate behaviours toward employing people with disability, and collaborate to develop tools and effective management.
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Positive Action towards Career Engagement (PACE)

Find a PACE mentor - Australian Network on Disability (

Positive Action towards Career Engagement (PACE) connects students and jobseekers with disability with mentors from leading Australian businesses.
PACE Mentors come from a variety of industries and backgrounds and are experienced in areas such as administration, recruitment, technology, legal, bookkeeping, marketing, engineering and finance. They come from government, private sector, non-for-profit (NFP), and many have changed career paths. 
It can give you an opportunity to develop your skills and confidence in a workplace setting.

Australian Disability Clearing House (ADCET) 
The ADCET provides information and resources that may be useful for current students or potential students who are considering post-secondary education or training at university, TAFE or with a Registered Training Organisation.

IncludeAbility: Australian Human rights Commission
IncludeAbility is a resource designed to support:
• people with disability seeking employment, developing a career or considering self-employment
• employers who want to create meaningful employment opportunities for people with disability

MyPlus Student Resources 
MyPlus provides a range of Disability Careers Guides that can provide you with the expert advice you need to successfully apply for jobs and progress through the recruitment process. The resource has a variety of case studies and advice from employees with disability.

Recruitability is a scheme that is also run by the Australian Government. It is designed to attract people with disability to apply for employment in the Australian Public Service (APS) while also promoting disability awareness and cultural change in APS recruitment teams. 
The program allows people with disability who apply for vacancies the opportunity to automatically progress to the next stage of the recruitment process as long as they meet all eligibility and minimum requirements.

DXC Dandelion Program
The DXC Dandelion Program is part of DXC Technology’s Social Impact Practice. It provides an environment that supports and celebrates the talents and skills of neurodiverse people — such as those with Autism, ADHD or Dyslexia — and helps them build valuable skills to pursue a career in information technology.
The aim of the sustainable program is to create the right environment, with the right support structure, to ensure that neurodiverse individuals are able to build valuable information technology, life, and executive functioning skills, and to learn and grow as employees and in society.

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