AI Guide

Mar 27, 2024

You’ve probably heard talk in the media about AI or Artificial Intelligence.  This technology is having a major effect in many industries taught at TAFE SA as well as on the educational process itself.  How do you begin to learn about AI?

Sorting the useful information from the volume of news, data and opinions on the subject can be difficult, but fortunately, help is at hand!

Our librarians have compiled an AI Guide to help introduce you to the basics of AI.  It provides some working definitions, gives simple tips for starting to use ChatGPT, and lists a selection of new articles (updated weekly) on developments in AI in education as well as its impacts in some of the industries taught at TAFE.

Not intended to be exhaustive, this is a handy and timely primer to help you get started with AI.

For further information, contact Education Resource Manager Wanda Pomeroy at 7210 3690 or

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