Office for Autism

Nov 13, 2023

As a historic first, the Office for Autism has been established to work towards improved outcomes for Autistic and autism communities in South Australia.

Through the development of policies and initiatives that support access, inclusion, awareness, opportunity, connection and belonging, the Office for Autism is working towards a state where Autistic individuals can live their best lives, and their families and communities are supported and valued.

The Office for Autism will work towards achieving positive change by:

  • supporting increased knowledge and understanding about autism
  • fostering greater connection and belonging for Autistic people, their families and communities
  • collaborating with government agencies to support the roll out of the Autism Inclusion Charter and State Autism Strategy
  • proactively partnering with the private sector and the broader community to improve employment, wellbeing and community connection
  • addressing barriers to assessment and diagnostic services in South Australia.

Led by an Autistic director, the Office for Autism will promote positive change that is informed by lived experience and reflects community needs.

TAFE SA looks forward to collaborating with the Office for Autism to support the TAFE SA Autistic and autism student communities.

Visit Office for Autism to find out more!

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