New printers coming soon!

Nov 06, 2023

The new printers will offer a better printing and scanning experience, whilst saving energy. The new devices will allow you to:

  • print
  • scan to email
  • scan to USB
  • scan to OneDrive

The location and number of some printers may change at your campus. If your printer has moved, our team will leave have information about where to find your new printing hub. 

We’ll be in touch to let you know before the new printers are rolled out to your campus.

Printing Credit

Charges for your printing will be paused temporarily during the transition to a new printer credit system. Your account balance from the old system will automatically be transferred to the new system. We’ll let you know when that happens.

Getting Help

If you need help using our new printing devices, speak to our student hub or library staff on campus.

    Rollout Schedule


    • Regency Park
    • Adelaide City


    • Salisbury 
    • Gillies Plains
    • Elizabeth
    • Noarlunga
    • Tonsley
    • Mt Barker
    • Adelaide Arts
    • Urrbrae

    Late January

    • Whyalla
    • Port Pirie
    • Port Augusta
    • Kadina

    Early February

    • Mount Gambier
    • Port Lincoln
    • Nuriootpa
    • Berri

    Mid February

    • Ceduna
    • Wudinna
    • Narungga
    • Coober Pedy
    • Fregon
    • Indulkana
    • Mimili
    • Amata
    • Pipalyatjara
    • Ernabella

    Printer rollout FAQs

    Why isn’t my print job showing on the printer when I sign on?

    Check you have selected the right printer queue:

    • New printers: select FollowYou-New   
    • Old printers: FollowYou

    When it’s time for your campus to have new printers rolled out your computer will receive a new client called Papercut so you can use the new printers. It will reset your default print queue to the FollowYou-New print queue.

    Why can’t I see the FollowYou-New printer queue?

    The new printing client may not have installed properly on your computer or may not have been deployed to your computer yet.

    This is being rolled out campus-by-campus as the printers rollout, so you will only see the queue if your “home” campus has started receiving new printers.

    Why are there two printer queues?

    At some campuses it may take a number of days for all the printers to be replaced, during which you may be using a mix of old and new printers. Once all the new printers have rolled out at the campus your computer you will only have to use one, FollowYou-New.

    What information and posters are being displayed with new printers?

    Our project team will place new instructions on the printer for activating your ID for the first time, and posters where printers are being retired (i.e. removed and not replaced).

    How do I found out where my closest printer will be in future?

    Speak to our student hub or library staff on campus.

    Why is print charging temporarily on hold?

    The new printers use a different printer credit system, and printers are being rolled out campus-by-campus over a number of months. To avoid disruption and confusion for students trying to switch between two payment and credit systems the decision was made to temporarily hold print charging until a seamless experience can be assured. This approach also ensures equity and that no students are worse off due to the rollout.

    What will happen to my existing print credit?

    Existing credit balances will be automatically moved across to the new system at the end of the transition. You will be advised of when this is happening when the new system is implemented.



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