TAFE SA Tertiary Lifeblood Challenge Update

May 08, 2023

Congratulations Team TAFE SA.  We should be very proud of our achievements to date.  

Together, TAFE SA has already saved up to 744 lives.


How to participate in the Tertiary Blood Challenge

Whilst the Tertiary Blood Challenge has now finished for 2023, we still need 260 donations to reach our target by the end of the year! Follow the steps below to make a difference and save lives. 

  1. Download or login to the Donate Blood app. 
  2. Join the TAFE SA Lifeblood Team by clicking ‘more’, then ‘preferences’ — just search for your team ‘TAFE SA.’
  3. Book a donation. Every donation you make goes toward the team’s tally!

Don’t forget to post a selfie while donating blood or plasma on social media and tag @tafesa @lifebloodau with the hashtag #Lifebloodau.!

The Team TAFE SA Dashboard

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