Security Alert: Phishing Emails

Apr 06, 2023

hacker accessing info on computer
As stated in a recent email alert to all students, TAFE SA is experiencing an ongoing phishing attack aimed at stealing user credentials. Adversaries are using various tactics to attempt to bypass TAFE SA protection measures. 

If you receive a suspicious message please exercise caution and do not click on the link. Please delete any suspicious emails, or report them to your Lecturer.

If you have clicked the link in an email and entered your TAFE SA password please change your password immediately.

Common Email Theme

Attackers are targeting TAFE SA students with variations of an email referring to an Invoice from TAFE SA. A current example is below. There is a link to a website titled “Work Order” within the body of the email.

Example of phishing email















Example of phishing website

If you click the link in the email you are directed towards a malicious website controlled by the attackers. This website features a login page. If you were to enter your credentials into the login page, your account is compromised.

Helpful Tips

  • Trust your instincts. If the email seems unusual, delete the email or report it to your Lecturer.
  • Review the emails carefully. For example in the above screenshot, the address included in the body of the email (in this case a address).
  • Grammatical errors (in this case the signature says TAPS SA).
  • Never enter your username and password into a login screen after clicking on a link in a suspicious email.
  • Learn more about Phishing emails and texts.

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