Proactive study skills

Jul 21, 2020


Why become a proactive learner? 

Apart from reducing study stress, becoming a proactive learner ensures you progress toward your study and career goals in an effective and timely manner.  

Proactive learners in effect diffuse potential study issues before they arise.  Many skills gained as a proactive learner are transferable and become part of your core skills for employment.  

Follow these tips to develop and maintain a proactive study approach:  

Tip #1 

Set a maintainable study schedule and follow it.  It is easier to reduce study anxiety by following a timetable and clearly identifying timelines for assignments and assessments.  Schedule regular breaks and be kind to yourself…life happens.  If you need to change your schedule, be flexible. 

Tip #2 

Tap into the online support resources available. 

Studiosity provides free 24/7 online study support, while ‘The Desk’ is a self-help online resource that provides tools and information on a range of academic and personal issues. 

Tip #3 

Seek support early if you experience difficulties. Lecturers are always willing to provide guidance.  Extra support can be sought by booking an appointment with Student Success and Wellbeing.  The earlier you seek help, the more effective the support can be. 

When asked about the most common barriers students encounter in online studies, lecturers provided the following tips to be a proactive learner: 

  • Attend all tutorials and or collaborate sessions. Even if you feel confident and have no questions, other students may ask questions that assist you or identify a gap in your own knowledge.  Connecting with other students and your lecturer online provides an opportunity for constructive conversations about a topic and assignments. 

  • Actively seek feedback. Seeking regular feedback from your lecturers ensures you’re on the right track and may prevent unnecessary research.  

  • Use all resources on Learn.  Skipping directly to an assessment or assignment may seem like a quick way to finish an assignment but you could miss a great deal of information which can be the core knowledge required in future study.  Working methodically through the Learn modules will give you the best chance of success.   

  • If you are experiencing IT/connectivity difficulties, using the facilities available at a TAFE SA study hub will improve your learning experience. 

 Remember, you can’t build a house if you miss a brick every now and again! 

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