In Learning Week, TAFE SA students will be able to participate to gain knowledge and experience in using the various TAFE SA online learning tools available to them during their studies. These sessions will promote active learning and participation including Q&A.  There will be live presentations, educational videos, and online workshops to access. 

Learning week is also a great time to learn more about building your skills and good habits to become a successful student and get the most out of your training opportunities.

Get Involved in Learning Week:

Online Presentations

Connect with our online Presentations

During the Orientation Program, a range of online workshops will be available to help you get started with your TAFE SA studies.  Check out our latest events below.  The full list of upcoming events is available here.

Not available at the time an event is running?  Starting your course outside of our four stage Orientation Program? Don't worry!  A recorded copy of our presentations will be available for enrolled students to view anytime on the the Student Orientation and Support Learn Course. 

Build good study skills and habits

There is more to being a student than just showing up.  Good study skills and habits can be developed during your training which will help you achieve success at TAFE and in the workforce.  Skills like good communication, planning/organising, self-management, and teamwork are some of the 'soft skills' that are highly valued by employers.

You can learn more about building good skills and habits on the Student Orientation & Support Learn Course, reading the range of news items below, and through our live presentations.  This week's presentation schedule will highlight 'Back to Basics' of being prepared and organised for study, as well as 'Making the most of your study' which highlights the skills you can practise now to prepare you for work.   

Get help from a "bridging unit" for reading, writing or numeracy 

Bridging units are classes to help you develop extra skills in reading, writing or numeracy, which can assist you to be successful with your qualification. Your CSPA results will identify if bridging units may assist you, and you may be booked in for bridging unit classes with our Foundation Skills program.   

If you are not enrolled in bridging units, but feel that it would be useful for you to get some extra help, speak to your lecturer who can organise a bridging unit referral for you.  You can learn more about the help you can get through Foundation Skills in this short video.

Everyday technology can support your study

Did you know that a lot of the technology we use everyday has extra features that can support you while you are studying? Some Microsoft software programs (like word and outlook) can convert text to speech, so you can hear what is written on the page.  It can also convert speech to text, which will allow you to use a dictate function when writing notes.   

For information about apps and software that can support your study, check out our Study App news item.

Need a job quickly? A short course may help

Did you know that not all jobs need a full qualification?  Sometimes, the right combination of industry skills and personal attributes can open the door to casual work to support you while you study further? 

Consider our short courses in Hospitality Short Courses to learn coffee-making and bartending, or learn business and finance skills from our Business Short Courses.

And remember to get support from our Career Services for help with your Resume and job hunting.


Need Academic Help?

Studiosity is an online academic tutoring service which provides individualised tutoring and guidance to students across all areas of your study. 

Subject specialists are available to help you with a range of topics.  And best of all, it is free for TAFE SA students. 

Watch our short video 'Studiosity In A Nutshell' for more information, and how to connect.  When you want to access help, just log into TAFE SA Learn, and the Studiosity Link will be visible to you on the Learn homepage. 

Getting Help

Concerned about personal issues which may affect your study? Worried about your career direction and want support?  Do you have a disability or learning condition affecting your study? Need extra help to connect with our library resources or online systems? 

Visit the Getting Help section of the Student Website to explore the range of great support services available while you study with TAFE SA.  


Career Services

Do you want to learn more about developing skills to move into a job after your studies? No matter which stage of your career planning you find yourself, our Student Counselling team can support you to work out your training and employment goals, and provide guidance for moving into the workforce. 

Appointments can be made online on the Career Services webpage. 

Self-help presentations and resources are available on Learn through the Kick-Start Your Career Series. 

Vocational Training

Want to learn more about the VET Sector? 

Vocational Education & Training (VET) is designed to deliver workplace-specific skills and knowledge-based competencies to individuals seeking qualification for employment.  

You can learn more about the VET sector, including the regulations, structure of qualifications, assessment process, and RPL on the Student Orientation and Support Learn Course. 

Enhance your learning with professional skills

Wanting to develop extra skills for your professional career? 

Hoping to improve your confidence with reading or speaking in English (if it is your second language)? 

Our Languages and Professional Development short courses can help you get a headstart in your career. 

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Proactive study skills

Apart from reducing study stress, becoming a proactive learner ensures you progress toward your study and career goals in an effective and timely manner.

Studying online with TAFE SA

As many adjust to a new world of online learning, there are a few things you can do to set yourself up for study success.

Virtual Classrooms. Your rights and responsibilities.

At TAFE SA, we are committed to providing an environment where all participants are engaged in safe, respectful, fair and inclusive learning opportunities.

Getting off to a Good Start...

Knowing what your week looks like will teach you to prioritise, reduce your stress levels, increase wellbeing and help you to be successful in your studies and life.

Study App

When it comes to studying, it's easy to get lost in all your notes and ideas. As technology continues to improve, there are more and more apps to help.

Goal Setting – What are your goals?

A goal is something that gives you direction and focus for the future and provides a clear reference point for decisions you make.


Studiosity is an after-hours ‘study help’ service available to all TAFE SA students free of charge.
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