Little Changes Challenge 

Because little changes matter

In support of R U OK?Day, TAFE SA and Relationships Australia South Australia (RASA), together with the Port Adelaide Suicide Prevention Network (PASPN) have collaborated to inspire you to make little changes to improve wellbeing by participating in a 7 day wellbeing challenge.

Little changes do matter and it’s easier than you think – be inspired – join our challenge with four easy steps:

Step 1 - Decide what challenge you are going to do. We have some challenge ideas below to get you started, in categories we all may struggle maintaining balance in:

  • movement
  • nourishing your mind and body
  • use of technology
  • getting good sleep.

Step 2 - Download the #LittleChangesChallenge tracker.

Step 3 - Start the challenge independently or share with your friends, family, colleagues or fellow students to take it up together! You can inspire and encourage each other to reach your goals. Fill in the tracker and, if you’re up for it, share what you’re doing on social media.

Step 4 - Celebrate your success by challenging a friend.

Hashtag #littlechangeschallenge on social media to share your experience.

  • Ideas for Challenge

    I will take ___ breaks from social media for ___ minutes per day.

    I will have ___ phone-free period/s for ___ minutes per day.

    I will take a tech break at meal times.

    I will not browse on my mobile after ___ pm.
    I will have a rest from tech ___ minutes before bedtime.

    I will add a daily walk of ___ minutes.

    I will park ___ extra blocks away from work/school OR get off the bus ___ stop/s before I usually do each day to walk more.

    I will vigourously tackle housework (vacuum, sweep, clean the windows etc) for ___ minutes per day.

    I will set an alarm every ___ minutes as a reminder to stretch and move around.

    I will play and dance to my favourite song or piece of music each day.

    I will get into nature each day. Pull weeds in the garden, walk around the block, go to the local park or just put my feet on the grass.


    I will be in bed by or before ___ pm each night.

    I will get up at ___ am each day.
    When in bed each night I will take ___ deep breaths before sleep to aid in relaxation
    I will have a rest from tech ___ minutes before bedtime.

    I will not drink caffeinated coffee or energy drinks after ___ am/pm, to aid sleep


    I will drink ___ mls of water per day.
    Calculate your recommended intake here.

    I will journal each night: __ things I am grateful for and __  worries I want to work on.

    I will mediate for ___ minutes, each day.
    Perhaps download an app like Smiling Mind.

    I will not eat in front of TV, video games or my mobile phone.

    ___ times each day I will breathe deeply through my nose and out through my mouth 3 times over.

    I will listen to ___ inspiring podcast/s each day

Challenge Ambassadors

We’re joining the challenge too - come along with us!


Student, Diploma of Building and Construction
TAFE SA International Student Ambassador 2021

My challenge:
I will do a total of 15km to 17km jog over 7 days.


Student, Diploma of Nursing
TAFE SA International Student Ambassador 2021

My challenge:
To reduce my screen time and read books instead.


Student, Diploma of Software Development
TAFE SA International Student Ambassador 2021

My challenge:
Replacing my morning social media browse with a morning walk.


Student, Diploma of Remedial Massage
TAFE SA International Student Ambassador 2021

My challenge:
I will do the ultimate yoga challenge and work towards doing a 180 split.

Past Challenge Ambassadors

Want more inspiration?  Find out more about challenge ideas and who has been involved from our LCC ambassadors from previous years.

  • Partners

    Relationships Australia South Australia

    We help people create positive relationships that build wellbeing and resilience. Relationships Australia South Australia is a not-for-profit, secular, community organisation with services dedicated to supporting individuals, families and communities. You can find our services and programs at, or call us on 1300 364 277.

    How can you stay grounded in a time of change, like COVID-19? Find support here.

    Relationships Australia SA

    Gambling Help Support Service @ Relationships Australia South Australia

    We support people to make changes that help create a brighter and more hopeful future. Our Gambling Help Service offers assistance to anyone affected by gambling. If you are concerned about your own gambling or are worried about a family member or friend’s gambling, we can help. Support is free, confidential, non-judgemental and can be anonymous.

    The Gambling Help service provides a dedicated telephone and email intake service staffed by qualified gambling counsellors. Free call: 1800 934 196. Line is staffed 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday (or you can leave message) or email email us. Visit the Gambling Help SA webiste for more information.

    Port Adelaide Suicide Prevention Network

    The Port Adelaide Suicide Prevention Network brings together members of the community and local service providers who are interested in improving the community’s awareness and knowledge about suicide and suicide prevention while also reducing stigma at a grassroots level. The Port Adelaide Suicide Prevention Network provides members of the community with opportunities to attend events to talk, listen and learn about suicide and suicide prevention. Network membership is free and consists of individuals from across the Western Region who share a passion for reducing the impact of suicide in the community. “There’s strength in talking”

    For further information, please email us or visit the Port Adelaide Suicide Prevention Network website.

    Please note: The Port Adelaide Suicide Prevention Network is not a service provider or bereavement group. Our intent is to foster awareness through greater community understanding.

    Port Adelaide Suicide Prevention Network
  • Support Networks

    Lifeline Australia | 24/7
    13 11 14 |

    Beyond Blue | 24/7
    1300 224 636 |

    Mental Health Triage Service | 24/7
    For assistance with a mental health crisis or urgent mental health concern
    13 14 65

    Lived Experience Telephone Support Service (LETSS) I Daily, 5pm-11.30pm
    A peer mental health support line
    1800 013 755 |

    Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) | M-F, 9am-5pm
    1300 364 277 |

    headspace (for people 12-25 years of age) | 9am-5pm, M-F
    1800 063 267 |

    Kids Helpline (for people 5-25 years of age) | 24/7
    1800 551 800 |

    Suicide Call Back Service | 24/7
    1300 659 467 |

    1800RESPECT | 24/7
    National sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling service
    1800 737 732 |

    Relationships Australia South Australia | 9am-5pm, M-F
    1300 364 277 |

    Gambling Help Intake Service | 9am-5pm, M-F
    1800 934 196 |

    Is it an emergency?
    If you, or someone you know is at immediate risk of harm, call triple zero (000)

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